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Savannah Rembold

Gender Female Eye Color Brown Hair Color Brown Height 5ft 8inch Weight 145 Size 15 Shoe Size 8.5 Birth Date 16 years old

What are my favorite things is acting because I don’t always have to be myself. I can always see inside someone else’s reality. I can be someone else and not have to worry about what people think of me. I love to sing and dance because I fueled the rhythm and I dance to it too, because I feel love, and I feel the emotions that are inside the words and the steps that I take to do this type of stuff I love writing and reading because writing I can control whatever I say I don’t have to go by someone else’s words or rolls. I love reading because I cannot lose myself in the book and I feel emotions and the feelings that the characters himself feel , I love being kind to others and I love showing my appreciation. I may sometimes be emotional, but I am working hard to control it and I hope you would give me a chance because life is hard only way we can get through it is if we move on.

I don’t have much experience. This is my first time signing up for something like this. I am super excited and I’m hope you’ll be super slow with me and try to understand that I am not used to this type of thing.