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Nadine Elmshaeuser

Gender Female Eye Color Hazel Hair Color Blonde Height 5ft 1inch Weight 100 Size 14/16 Shoe Size 7 Birth Date 14 years old

Nadine is a 14 year old girl with a passion for performing. She went to her first production, Annie, when she was 4 years old. That's where her love for acting and singing started. She has enjoyed being apart of many school productions, a choir, and being an extra in a movie. She has always wanted to use her passion for acting and singing in a professional career. She works hard at performing, and has the time of her life while doing it.

I have been in many school productions and productions outside of school, such as summer camps and talent shows. I acted as an extra in a movie that will soon be on PureFlix and Amazon. I am in a choir called Singing Youth of Denver, or SYD. We perform multiple concerts per year and go on a tour around the states performing at different churches. I have enjoyed all of this very much and would love to make a professional career out of acting and singing.