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Milan Melgar

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Brown Height 2ft Weight 21 Size 12-18 Months Shoe Size 12-18 Months Birth Date 2 years old

Milan was born on Saturday May 14th 2022 in the city of Pembroke Pines. He came to this world to Bring joy to many people, as he is a very happy and social boy. Right now he is exploring everything and learning so many things everyday. He crawls lot, walks holding on to something and is starting to give his first steps, . He loves the water and very much enjoys to be outdoors, he is usually a social boy, loves people and is used to being photographed. He is a very independent boy that enjoys playing and exploring on his own, as well as play with others.

He just loves to be happy all the time so is very easy to take pictures of him.