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Mia Townsend

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Dark Brown Height 4ft 8inch Weight 87 Size Jr. 16 Shoe Size n/a Birth Date 10 years old

Mia Amor Townsend, a princess of Mexican and African American ethnicity. I'm born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and have traveled the world with my mommy and daddy. My favorite place to visit is Mexico. I love to have play dates with my best friends, and spending time with my cousins from both sides of my family. My favorite subject in school is math. I love figuring out answers to difficult problems and I will not give up until I find the answer. I have my own lipgloss business where I sell lip gloss and matte lipstick. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and one day will be a pediatrician that owns my own practice.

Currently, I have my own song on all platforms. My daddy and I created a cover of one of our favorit songs by Justin Beiber, "Changes." I also have my own youtube channel where I emulate a lot of shows I currently watch, while creating my own ideas and asking my parents to bring them to life.