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Mckay Auger

Gender Female Eye Color Hazel Hair Color Auburn Height 5ft 6inch Weight 142 Size 14/16 Shoe Size 9.5 Birth Date 16 years old

Mckay is a 14 year old from America, who enjoys running, writing and talking. She is an avid singer, in her chorus and preforming the national anthem at her state track meet and honor society. She is a high energy hard worker that strives to make those around her happy and proud. She is a very energetic person, with a strong personality. She was in Annie at the age of 10, playing Duffy and continued to enjoy being in plays. Mckay understands how to not overdo things, and works very well with others. She is a smart child, and extroverted, along with being a great leader. She is always excited for a new opportunity and would love to meet new people and enjoy acting.

Mckay Auger is a singer with her chorus, preforming in a small group 9-5 by Dolly Parton and Valerie by Amy Winehouse, along with having solos in the full chorus songs(Recordings can be provided of singing) She also works with her music teacher to record and video covers during her free time. Mckay is not afraid of a challenge and sang the national anthem during her state track meet, and sang the anthem for her honor society. She preformed as Duffy in Annie at the age of 10 with the Cotuit center of the arts and was brought on stage for a performance of the Putnum Country Spelling Bee, put on by her school because of her performance in Annie, and worked on Sussical The Musical with her school until Covid-19 shut it down. She is a very hard workers and very coach-able as well, if training is needed. Mckay was in a few small imporve groups with a summer camp, working with other students for their project at a younger age.