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Ma’Siah Johnson

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Black Height n/a Weight 17 Size 6-9 Months Shoe Size 0-6 Months Birth Date 1 year old

Hello, my name is Jazmine.. I am the mother of Ma’Siah. I am currently trying to find him castings calls for modeling or even acting gig’s. I honestly believe Ma’Siah could be the next baby star. (I’m not just saying that because he’s my son) but every time we’re out in public we get stopped by multiple strangers that tell us “that’s the next gerber baby” or “he’s so perfect” even one time when he was 2 months old a stranger came up to me and asked “why did I have a baby doll in a baby carrier” I couldn’t help but laugh. Ma’Siah’s smile easily brightens up anyone’s day, and the most precious laugh/giggle that instantly give's you joy inside, he’s all around just a smart happy baby that lights up any room he enters.

Ma’Siah currently has no experience with modeling nor acting besides the pictures I take or the professional photographer.