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Mackenzie Lindsay

Gender Female Eye Color Blue Hair Color Blonde Height 5ft Weight 175 Size X-Large Shoe Size 8 Birth Date 13 years old

I am a 12 year old young lady. I have been in several local musicals and would love to have a career where I can use my singing and acting talents. Besides, singing and acting, I enjoy learning facts about almost everything, but my favorite is learning about Japan and it’s Culture; I enjoy playing games especially with my little brother(who is my best friend) and my mom, swimming, and reading series books. I am finishing the 6th grade in June and attend a private school where my favorite class is Drama. I have High Functioning Autism(HFASD), Attention Hyper Deficit Disorder(ADHD), and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). These disorders may be my diagnosis’s, but they will never hold me back from becoming the woman I wish and will be. Some would see all these Disorders as problems that will hold me back or stop me, but I don’t feel that way; without them, I would not be Mackenzie Rose Lindsay. I am who I am supposed to be with them. I have accepted them, have learned all about them, have thrived with them, and will become a famous actress/singer with me. Thank you for your time.

The Wizard of Oz musical, 2022, played: head, flying, monkey, Aunty Em, munchkin, and Emerald City resident. Duet: somewhere over the rainbow with Dorothy. Scrooge, the musical, Christmas, 2022, played: Tiny Tim, the mother, and other various parts. Elf the musical, Christmas 2022, the reporter, the receptionist, and New York resident. The Music Man Junior, played: salesman number four, a pick-a- little lady, and Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn. Sang 3 solos. Peter Pan the musical, summer, 2023, will be playing Smee. Will be singing duets with Captain Hook.