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Joseph Coppola

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Blonde Height n/a Weight 25 Size 12-18 Months Shoe Size 12-18 Months Birth Date 3 years old

Joe is a happy baby. He loves to play and tumble and climb. He's almost always smiling and laughing. His favorite juice is coconut water and he loves chicken nuggets. You can find him on the beach or at the playground. He also adores his 10 year old sister Isabella. He's super ticklish and has a ornery streak.

I am Jennifer. I'm a 42 year old mom of two. We live I'm Florida and love being active. We're always on the go. My 10 year old is a girl and my 16 month old is a boy. We live being silly and making reels on Facebook in our spare time. Family is everything ❤️