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Jaxson Simmons

Gender Male Eye Color Blue Hair Color Light Brown Height 2ft Weight 12 Size 3-6 Months Shoe Size 0-6 Months Birth Date Less than 1 year old

I am a very VERY happy and healthy little boy. I’m almost always seen with a smile on my face and when one cannot see me you’ll still know I’m close by because my infectious giggle can fill up a room. My mommy and daddy cannot take me anywhere without drawing a crowd of people complimenting how cute I am, or how I’m just the perfect looking and acting little baby boy. I like attention but I am always able to entertain myself using only my hands and feet because I’m completely mystified by them right now.

I have no experience other than taking photos for my mommy and my daddy, but I’m pretty patient for my age. I’m easy going and I tend to not let much bother me very often.