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jarecio williams

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Brown Height 3ft 6inch Weight 45 Size 6 Shoe Size 12 Birth Date 6 years old

Jacerio was born in Oklahoma, on November 2014. He previously attended preschool at an Elementary school in Oklahoma , and he also attended kindergarten at in home virtual and was promoted to the first grade . He was a successful student in kindergarten, and he loved doing show and tell and he received a class reward of the month. He is enrolled in Marcel Art and has been rewarded different belts . Jarecio love school and drawing and posing in front of the camera. He is active and always busy doing something and curios about things.

Flexible child seeing to display natural abilities in advertising and very small TV roles. He love to pose in front of a camera and he got that photogenic look in front of a camera Core qualification 3ft 10in tall and 45 weight DOB 11/26/2014 Brown eyes and brown hair Ability to dance The ability to follow directions and memorize and do as he see and willing to listen and learn. Experience: Photogenic in front of the camera Mariel art in Taiwan I would like to say this is something he would like to do (he asked me if he can be on TV) and I would like to make his dream come true.