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Enzo Borsella Hill

Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Dark Blonde Height 3ft 4inch Weight 40 Size 4T Shoe Size 9 Birth Date 5 years old

If you ask Enzo, he is the toughest guy in town and he is the best…at whatever the challenge is at hand…he loves to show off…whether it be his muscles, hair, clothes, singing, dancing, fighting moves, he has it all. If you ask his family, he is the silliest and sweetest boy. He is so full of energy and love. He says the darndest things. He loves dinosaurs, super heroes, and crafts. He aspires to learn how to read and tie his shoes. (He said that is his New Year’s resolution).

Enzo loves posing for the camera. He is always “on”. Although he has no professional experience, he has the best hair and dimples.