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Devin Adhikari

Gender Male Eye Color Amber Hair Color Black Height 5ft 6inch Weight 128 Size X small Shoe Size 8.5 Birth Date 15 years old

Devin Adhikari, born on January 13, 2009, in the vibrant city of Manhattan, New York, is a fresh and charismatic young talent who is poised to make a significant impact on the entertainment industry. At the age of 14, he has embarked on a journey that holds immense promise, and his infectious charisma, youthful energy, and innate sense of humor are the driving forces behind his budding acting career.

He began his journey on the stage, showcasing his acting prowess in local theater productions, where his dynamic presence and infectious charisma captured the hearts of live audiences. His voice acting skills have also been on display, as he lent his voice to various characters in animated projects, exhibiting a remarkable ability to infuse life and emotion into his characters through his vocal range. Furthermore, Devin has ventured into the world of audiobook recording, where he's taken on the challenge of narrating captivating stories, bringing narratives to life with his engaging storytelling and expressive delivery. With these varied experiences in theater, voice acting, and audiobook recording, Devin Adhikari continues to evolve as a versatile and promising talent in the entertainment industry.