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Ava Oates

Gender Female Eye Color Brown Hair Color Brown Height 4ft 4inch Weight 90 Size 12 Shoe Size 3 Birth Date 10 years old

Ava Oates is 10 years old. She is a model/actress. She loves modeling, doing runway fashion, acting and print photography. She has walked in a few runway shows and has completed a year of acting/modeling classes. She has also had the opportunity to be featured in her first short film which will be out this summer (Changing Tides). She loves to take photographs and is photogenic. Ava is fun, takes direction well and has a passion to learn more!

Ava has walked in 3 fashion shows in Arizona. Ava has taken a year of modeling/acting classes at Page Parkes Modeling Agency in Houston, TX. Ava had her first role in a short film (Changing Tides) which will be released this summer and has been submitted to several film festivals.