When completing your child’s appearance information, make sure all details are input. If you are searching for your child using specific search terms, try broadening them. If your child is showing as ‘Active’ in your admin area, then they are visible on the site. Please check the details you entered for your child carefully. Also try searching for them by name.

Your child can be noticed by uploading great pictures.  We prefer using professional photographs of your child showing headshots and full body images.  Try to avoid photographs of your child eating or crying. It is best to fill out as much information, about your child, as you can.  Also, including YouTube videos is a great option.

If you submitted 2 payments please email info@localhost and include your name, email address, form and date of payment.

Simply click on Forgot Password when trying to log on and password access will be emailed to you.

When hoovering over an image you will see a trash can icon.  Click the trash can to delete images.

You can upload 3 images to the digital composite card.  You can print the card or email the card to casting directors for any job you find. The digital composite card is yours to keep.

You have access to delete your account by logging into your Admin panel.

After your subscription plan is complete you can change to a different plan.  You will receive an email when your subscription is nearing completion.

Payment method cannot be changed until your subscription is renewed.

Yes, you can add additional images by logging into your Admin page and uploading new images.

Now Casting Kids cannot guarantee any jobs, auditions, or bookings.  Our online database receives several castings daily.  Our focus is to provide parents with many opportunities to have their child discovered.

No, Now Casting Kids does not take any commission for any jobs you book by using our platform!

Many jobs will request a work permit but not all.  We advise that every child performer have a work permit.  You can find work permit information by visiting your states child labor law website.  We also encourage you to apply for work permits in popular states including New York, Florida, California, and Georgia.

Your personal information is available for casting directors to contact you directly.  Either the casting director or a staff member from Now Casting Kids will contact you if your child books a job.

Casting Calls are posted daily!

Since Now Casting Kids does not take any commission, we do not collect any payments on your behalf.  You will discuss all payment request with the casting director that you book with.

No, currently we do not offer referral programs or discounts for siblings.

We receive castings for ALL age groups up to age 17yrs old.  Each casting is unique and caters to different age groups.  Casting Directors are specific on what age they need for a campaign.

We advise parents of children with disabilities to still register.  It is best to include your child’s disability in their biography information.  Casting Directors are always looking for “everyday” people to showcase their product.

If you have additional questions, please email info@localhost