Universal Resort is launching a compelling and entertaining new series of documentary short films about guests who visit our destination seeking quality time with the ones they love at a place where they can be their true selves and escape the stresses and anxieties of their daily lives. Real stories of real guests and their unreal vacations.

Universal Stories documentaries are just as likely to evoke tears of hysterical laughter as tears of heartfelt emotion. They present real life in an authentic way that doesn’t hide from the imperfections we all experience.

This specific video in the series will follow a passionate, fun-loving family as they finally complete their lifelong bucket list by immersing themselves in all Universal Resort has to offer true superfans of our IPs – from thrilling attractions and mind-blowing entertainment to themed dining and atmospheric shopping. They’ll discover for the first time that a multi-day vacation at our destination can provide both liberation from the everyday and the togetherness all families need.


We need a fun, personable family who has never been to Universal Resort and is thrilled by the chance to have a vacation that allows them to step inside the world they spend their every minute obsessing over.

Continue reading for more detail and examples, but the following is a list of what we see as our most important criteria:

Eats, breathes, lives any of the IPs represented within the Resorts (which can include Super Nintendo World)
Two parents with 2-3 Universal age kids (10+ years old)
Has never been to Universal Resort or Universal Hollywood Resort
Strong, instinctual family chemistry
Unabashedly unique, adventurous, and witty


No family members should be an employee of Universal or Comcast/NBC affiliates.

Gender Both
Age :10-17yrs
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :Florida