Tween Photo Shoot

TWEEN / Non-Union / Principal / Male or Female / African American, Asian, East Indian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 9-12

Male or Female/ Plays 9-12/ Ethnic – Mixed Ethnicity TBD/ Aspirational, relatable and physically fit. Modern style, expressive. Will be featured in various scenes – HUGE plus if you can skateboard. Please detail any skating skills (Half Pipe, tricks, kick flips, etc) you can perform safely. If they have a real parent (mom/dad/both) or sibling that would like to submit with them, please submit as a pairing if possible. Please only submit for this role if you are comfortable working in close proximity to another actor.

For This Shoot: Seeking various roles for an upcoming Manhattan area real estate shoot. Photo shoot will feature the various amenities of the rental property, with our cast enjoying them. Seeking talent that can be paired to portray a family, couples and various roles. Any family member that can submit as pairings (mom/Dad or Parent & Child) feel free to do so.

Project Notes
For This Shoot / COVID Safety:
Shoot will be held under CDC Safety compliant Guidelines, with Compliance officer on site. Talent will also be asked to take an At-Home COVID test prior to shoot. Talent will be in close proximity to other tested talent during this shoot (portraying a family / couple) and should be comfortable under these conditions. Talent must agree to all project terms (rates, usage, etc.). For safety reasons, we’re seeking NYC Area Talent (NY, PA, NJ, CT, VT, Mass) only – Talent cannot fly in for shoot. Although highly unlikely, Agency reserves the rights to void the booking of any talent showing symptoms of COVID on the day of the shoot or tests positive during testing. Please only submit if you agree and are comfortable with all terms & conditions.

Audition Note
Booking From Photos – Please submit ASAP. NYC and surrounding area talent.

Gender Both
Age :9-12
Pay Scale :$750+
Location :NY, PA, NJ, CT, VT, Mass