Theatrical Film

Child*: 6-10 years old caucasian girl who is recovering from a serious illness in the face of a very overwhelmed mom. She is emotional, articulate and has a naturally joyful energy even in the midst of her current situation. Looking for a girl who is dynamic and free in her acting and knows how to use physicality and voice instead of relying on facial expression. CHILD is delicate and thin, has dark hair, brown eyes, fair skin and resembles the lead actress.

*Note: CHILD is one of the main characters of the film and is in a large majority of the scenes together with the lead role LINDA (her mother). However, we don’t see the face of CHILD until the very end of the film. Her physical presence in a scene is always felt, but only indicated. Sometimes we may see her hand or maybe her hair blowing into the frame, etc. She sounds like a spirited, highly intelligent girl, not frail or sick.

Gender Girl
Age :6-8 yrs
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :New York