Project Synopsis
Tara Haldon is like every other teenage girl struggling through high school, but she carries around a dark mark on her family name. She’s related to the notorious ax murderess Lizzie Borden, and her gruesome ancestry sets her as an outcast and weighs on her like a curse of what she may become. Tara begins to question her own sanity and guilt when she starts experiencing schizophrenic symptoms and people around her are mysteriously murdered in her small New England town. To regain her sanity Tara enlists her BFF Suzy and boyfriend Carl, to find out if she’s the culprit or the next victim.

Male / Principal / Caucasian / 8 – 10 Description Tara’s younger, outspoken brother. A Massachusetts boy scout, working on his next badge. He is frustrated he always gets the short end of the stick, being the younger brother.

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Gender Boy
Age :8-10
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :Oklahoma