Sporting Print Job

Sporting Print Job.

Looking for kids of all ages. Must play a sport. When submitting please let us know what sport your child plays.

2-year print
3-year digital
In perpetual non-recognizable.

USAGE: 2-year print, 3-year digital, and perpetual non-rec

Use to include:
1. Print Materials: Any print medium, including but not limited to, catalog, point of sales materials,
marketing signage and mock-ups, or other non-electronic mediums, now known or later invented,
excluding packaging and out of home.
2. Digital Materials: Any digital medium, including but not limited to, online websites, ecommerce,
digital mock-ups, social media posts related to web-based product listings or other electronic medium,
now known or later invented.
3. Non-Recognizable: Any image, video or media that does not clearly depict, feature or show a model’s face.

Gender Both
Age :4-17 yrs
Pay Scale :$600
Location :United States