Splenda looking for Boys age 7-10 for a commercial filming in Austin, TX

Any Ethnic Appearance
*IF TALENT HAS A FAMILY MEMBER THAT MEETS THE DAD ROLE Age 30+ SPECS, PLEASE HAVE THEM AUDITION TOGETHER! Character and personality is everything. A positive-energy feeling is paramount throughout this campaign, so we’ll search for people who have that special spark. People who bring effervescent flow and a relaxed vibe right into the room. Fun and warm-hearted people. Looking for special faces, but for parents and lovers and friends who can warm up a room with their presence. Down-to-earth and engaging personalities, with sparkly eyes and easy smiles that immediately make you feel right at home just the way you are, flaws and all.

Role Ethnic Appearance
Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous, Black, Native American, White, East Asian, East Indian / South Asian, Eastern European, Latinx / Hispanic, Maori, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian
Role Ethnicity / Nationality
Any Ethnicity

Gender Boy
Age :7-10yrs
Pay Scale :$3000
Location :Austin, TX