Project Synopsis
SON is the untold origin story of Jesus. It provides the account of a missing period in the biblical timeline: his dark and troubling childhood.
Male age 13-18 Multiple Ethnic Appearances
Age 13-18 (actor must be 16 years old by May 2024) Mediterranean/white, North African, or Middle Eastern/SWANA. An orphan, who lives outside in a leper colony. SON imagines a time when Jesus and the Devil, incarnated in the young STRANGER, crossed paths as they were coming-of-age. Unlike THE BOY, THE STRANGER knows exactly who he is and embraces it. Their twisted camaraderie is the catalyst that drives the story. Initially presented as an unassuming, innocent seeming youth, the audience soon understands that Jesus is being led by the personification of evil; twisting his godly powers towards horrifying, ungodly ends. SUPPORTING. Must speak fluent English.
Gender Boy
Age :13-18 yrs
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :United States