Short Film Casting Teen Girl

Female / Lead / Caucasian / 15 – 18 Description Raised by a single father in Missouri, she grew up in a sheltered community that she longs to break free from. Independent, unsure of her identity and afraid of attachment.

Project Synopsis
Runner follows Haas, an eighteen-year-old girl raised by a single father in Missouri. Growing up in an isolated town composed of mostly German immigrant families, she is unsure of the life that has been set out for her by her community. When her father dies suddenly she is left to bury him alone. In order to meet the terms of his will, she must bring him to the town where he was born, a community battling both the stresses of climate and economy. In the process of this journey, she meets another wayward soul and through this friendship her understanding of loss begins to take shape.

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Gender Girl
Age :15-18
Pay Scale :$335 per day
Location :New York