Royal Caribbean Family of 4

Any Gender age 5-45 Any Ethnic Appearance
● Parents’ ages: 35-45
● Kids’ ages: 5-15 (looking for variety within the two families)
● These families should be active, fairly fit, and not afraid of heights, able to swim
● Must be comfortable in bathing suits
● Real families
We want two families that have fun anywhere they go. They’re laid-back and more interested in going with the flow than making sure everything is flawless.
These are adventurous and outgoing families. They are up for anything and everything. They love to play, explore, and spend time together as a family. Their chemistry and connection with one another on camera must be great.
Our parents should be able to split off and be shown as a couple. They must have great chemistry and be up for any experiences. The kids shouldn’t be shy or only comfortable with their parents/siblings around. They should have a lot of energy and a daring sense of adventure.
Physical limitations and/or allergies must be disclosed, as there will be a range of physical activities required, like swimming, ziplining, rock climbing, etc.


Gender Both
Age :5-15
Pay Scale :$4000
Location :Miami