Outdoor School Feature Film

A low budget featured film looking for an African American girl aged 5-6yrs.

A cute of 5 yr old who idolizes her older brother, Vin, and would do anything for him. Vin is Miaya’s world. Being too young to grasp the full magnitude of their situation, she’s still very aware of the violence and
turmoil they’ve fled.

African American Boys aged 11-12yrs

A 12-year-old who wants nothing more than to be a normal kid. Instead, he’s routinely forced into situations that challenge even the most mature adults. Vin longs for a safe home and the resources to buy “things.” But deep down he just wants is his mother and sister to be “ok.” All the while internally struggling with the shame of being homeless.

Gender Both
Age :5-12yrs
Pay Scale :$2300 weekly
Location :Worldwide