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IVY / SAG-AFTRA / Principal / Female / All Ethnicities / 6-8
[IVY] Ivy is a quiet, neat, and well-behaved 7 year-old girl who loves to read and has very deep thoughts. However, Ivy also has an exceptional imagination. She’s studying to be a witch and spends time memorizing her spell book and making potions. Ivy has great ideas but until now they mostly stayed in her head and then she meets Bean and realizes she has found a 7-year-old soulmate who will help her put those ideas into action. Together they will have so much more fun than either of them had separately.

NANCY / SAG-AFTRA / Principal / Female / All Ethnicities / 11-14
[NANCY] Nancy is Bean’s older sister. She’s between 11 and 14 years old and isn’t exactly grown-up…but she thinks she is. She loves buying clothes, chatting on the phone to her friends and putting on mom’s make-up…but most of all she loves bossing 7 year-old Bean around, especially when mom isn’t there. She rarely wants to play games with Bean anymore although the truth is that she sometimes misses the fun they used to have – but she would never admit it.

BEAN / SAG-AFTRA / Principal / Female / All Ethnicities / 6-8
[BEAN] Bean is a 7 year-old girl, she is exuberant, boisterous, loud and joyful. She leaps out of bed every morning ready for a new adventure. Whether it’s digging a Pit of Doom in her front yard or pranking her sister, Nancy, Bean’s the kind of kid who makes things happen, which is why everyone wants to play with her. Initially, Bean labels Ivy as “BORING!” but upon realizing Ivy has a vivid imagination, and is training to be a witch, Bean knows she has found her 7-year-old soulmate.

Network Studio Distributor: Netflix

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Shoot/Performance Dates Note
Summer 2021

OPEN CASTING CALL FOR THE ROLES OF IVY + BEAN AND NANCY! PLEASE SEE SELF-TAPE INSTRUCTIONS FOR DETAILS. When 7 year old IVY moves into the neighborhood, 7 year old BEAN at first thinks that they will never be friends. But oh boy was she wrong! Ivy turns out to be the best friend that anyone could ever have. They are united in having wildly over-active imaginations and a dual chemistry. When Bean learns that Ivy is a witch-in-training, they team up to cast a spell on Bean’s bossy older sister, NANCY, that will make Nancy dance forever.

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Gender Girl
Age :6-8 and 11-14
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :Anywhere