Furry Little Christmas

Project Synopsis
A big-city veterinarian and her son spend Christmas in her rural home town where she unexpectedly falls in love with a local doctor. Will she move back home to pursue love, or return to New York City, a place which has also stolen her heart?
Additional Project Details
This is a non-union feature filmed in Colorado. Both local and out-of-town talent will be cast. Travel, accommodations, and per diem will be provided for non-local talent:
– Economy Flight
– Single Occupancy Hotel (3 or 4 Star)
– $25 per diem
– Transportation provided to/from airport

The production will be following CDC and Colorado State Guidelines for COVID compliance. You must show proof of vaccination, a negative test on site, or a positive test over 14 days old.


MILO- Principal Non Union $210/day + travel, accommodations, per diem
Man9-13Any Ethnic Appearance
Scarlet’s 10-year-old son who is beyond surprised how much he likes small-town life compared to his home town of New York City. He especially bonds with his grandfather in creating new holiday traditions like making ornaments. Milo is inventive and curious. He isn’t afraid to try new things – including jumping into a local production of The Nutcracker as a Mouse Soldier (don’t worry – dancing skills aren’t required for this role!) Looking for an actor with a lot of authentic, real-life charm.
Role Ethnic Appearance
Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander, Ethnically Ambiguous, Black, Native American, White, East Asian, East Indian / South Asian, Eastern European, Latinx / Hispanic, Maori, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian

Gender Boy
Age :9-13 yrs
Pay Scale :$210 per day
Location :Colorado