Drama Dance Film

Fat Swan is a 5-10 minutes dance drama film. Set in Syracuse, New York, United States, the film is telling a story about a chubby girl who dreams to become a ballerina, despite all the oppositions and the negative stereotype associated with her un-perfect body shape. Fat Swan is a dance drama narrative film based on the topic of female body shape. This kind of film is needed because the over-high demanding requirements on female’s figure and appearance, and this situation has caused people can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in their appearance. This film is going to encourage people to have a positive body image.

MIA HUDSON / Non-Union / Lead / Female / All Ethnicities / 5-12
5 to 12 years old, all ethnicities female. A chubby girl with bushy brown hair who discovers her passion for ballet dancing, despite all the unfair treatment she has confronted associated with her un-perfect body shape.

Gender Girl
Age :5-12
Pay Scale :$65 per day
Location :Anywhere