Cartoon Voice Over

Type: Voice Over
Location: Casting Nationwide Films in NYC

Pay Scale: $500 per Episode
2 Roles
BZ is a young fish raised in a pet store who is enthusiastic, adventurous, headstrong, curious, and lives primarily in the present. There is a joyous, rambunctious quality about BZ that makes him both unpredictable and loveable. He is scattershot, challenges authority, and only wants to have fun!

I.M. Tiger is a fish from the store who is a little bit of a Nervous Nellie. He views everything with caution and hesitancy. He hides behind his best friend, BZ, who is quite the troublemaker. His dream is to live his life in a cozy aquarium with some nice food, plenty of nap time and all his toys in the right place. But now he is in a crazy pond where everything freaks him out. He should sound like an 8-12 yrs old boy with a nervous, slightly rasp voice. Will consider younger voices as well.

When submitting please attach a 30 second video of your son clearing stating a child voice over monologue. Free monologues can be found online.

Gender Both
Age :4-12
Pay Scale :$500
Location :Anywhere