Animated Nick Preschool

Red Squirrel is a 4–6-year-old from Scotland. She speaks with an authentic Scottish accent. She is excitable, playful, but forgetful. She calls on the Llamas from the Scottish Highlands when she forgets where she hid of her acorns, and winter is fast approaching! The Llamas soon learn that this hyperactive squirrel is hard to lock down, but she loves nothing more than playing her twig-pipes. With a little musical teamwork, they help her learn that when you lose something, all you have to do is retrace your steps! **SEEKING REAL KID PERFORMERS FOR THIS ROLE (NOT ADULT TO PLAY KIDS). **MUST BE ABLE TO SING. GUEST STAR

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SAG/AFTRA Animation Scale

Gender Girl
Age :4-6 yrs
Pay Scale :SAG-AFTRA
Location :United States