AAA Family Road Trip

AAA is looking for families with children aged 5-17rs.

REALLY FUN!!!! We are looking for families and people that have not seen their family, friends or a loved one for the last year or so because they live in another part of the country. We want to have you and your friend or family that you have not seen in person both travel to a central location (in the middle) to reunite. We will document the trip between both families as you travel to your meeting destination.

Some ideas are: close friends, grandkids/grandparents, frontline workers, distant lovers, siblings, parents, online lovers meeting for the first time… These are just some ideas. We look forward to seeing your story.

If you plan to travel this summer, to meet friends or family, please submit a picture of your family and give us the scenario of who you will travel to meet, the location and age of all children.

Pay is $5000 per family

Gender Both
Age :5-17yrs
Pay Scale :$5000
Location :Anywhere